About the Authors

Judy Gillies is the founder and president of The Surge Group Inc., a cleaning consulting company located in Toronto, Canada that helps facility managers improve their cleaning operations. She has worked in the cleaning industry for more than twelve years, and thrives in a changing environment. Known for her passion and focus, Judy is a highly motivated, results driven professional. She offers comprehensive skills with a ‘get it done’ attitude and has a proven track record for helping her clients achieve results. A wide range of facilities have benefitted from her expertise, including retail, healthcare, education, property management and transportation. Judy is a CIMS “ISSA Certification Expert” (I.C.E) and a designated accountant. Contact the The Surge Group Inc. at www.thesurgegroup.ca or at 1.888.951.2033.
Kevin M. Keeler created KeelerConsulting.net., formerly FACT (Facility Assessment and Custodial Training) in 1993. Kevin’s specialty is the development of tools and systems that promote cleanliness, cost effectiveness and accountability for universities, colleges, school districts and other cleaning organizations. He has worked eight years as a school custodian, twenty two years as a teacher of custodial services and twenty years as a cleaning consultant. Kevin uses his unique and long term experiences and knowledge to provide software and consulting solutions for multiple clients throughout the United States. You can reach Keeler Consulting at www.keelerconsulting.net or at 1.888.241.0130.
Lance Witschen is the founder and president of 1Class Consulting located in White Bear Lake, MN. With more than forty years of experience in the cleaning industry, he has served in many capacities—as a ‘line’ janitor, as a contract manager and, currently, as a CIMS assessor. Needless to say, Lance has seen the industry from virtually all perspectives. Having travelled across Europe, Asia, and South America, Lance has the advantage of viewing the cleaning industry on an international scale. His consulting services have helped improve the services of numerous cleaning operations including building service contractors, government facilities, educational facilities and healthcare facilities. He notes that the only constant in this industry is change and he is committed to facilitating that change for each of his clients in the industry. 1Class Consulting can be contacted at www.1classconsulting.com